Darius II can be acquired by making a First Offering Reservation. With your membership, your specified
allotment will be set aside for you and with each annual new vintage release, we will fulfill your order. 

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The First Offering Reservation
Darius II is available exclusively with a First Offering Reservation. Simply specify your desired allotment below, and your reservation will begin with the 2010 vintage release. Then, each year as a new vintage
becomes available, we will fulfill your order.   750mL bottle  | $225

2 Bottles -  3 Bottles  -  6 Bottles  -  12 Bottles

Large Format Bottling

A limited amount of etched and hand-painted large format bottles of 2010 Darius II are now available. 
Please contact Jodie at 707.603.3931 or via email to acquire one.
3 Liter - Sold Out  |  6 Liter  $3500  |  9 Liter $6500                  

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